Gamesa cookies - Hispanic Package Design

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    Children’s line of cookie packaging
    Modernize the dated 1960s package design, for 7 different SKUs, to enhance sales with U.S. Latina Moms (their children prefer familiar U.S. packaging versus Mom’s nostalgic home country brand packaging).
    Introduce 7 original, colorful cartoon characters – all engaged in exercise (running, jumping, playing) and drinking milk – to align the product with a positive healthy, active lifestyle. The vibrant-colored front panel instantly appeals to both kids and Moms; the enlarged corporate logo subtly promotes Gamesa. Back panel redesigns applied the same target-alluring strategy.
    1) Los Angeles focus groups resulted in:kids helping to determine the most appealing cartoon character features. Confirming the theory that cartoon characters were critically important to children. Validating that Moms vastly preferred the new packaging (and believed that their kids would as well).      
    2) Children’s cartoon characters were purposely created for general market appeal level, resulting in product extension beyond Latino Moms and into the mass market due to the product value and new visual appeal.