DURANGO - Mexican Restaurant Branding

  • DURANGO Mexican Food
    DURANGO is a restaurant located in Durango, USA, which brings the culture of the city of the same name - Victoria de Durango, Mexico - up north.

    Mexican food is astoundingly rich, having been influenced by so many different people throughout history. What we have today is the result of the mix between Mayan, Spanish, Caribbean, Portuguese, French, among others, that has been for centuries in the making. With a color palette of earthy and warm tones, this brand seeks to use halftone photographs and attractive typefaces to clash the past against the present, with tremendous taste.

    The logo comes along also as a mixture of different symbols in the mexican culture: the sombrero (typically worn by mariachis), the luchador (professional mexican wrestler) and the skull - representing the day of dead which mexicans see as a day of celebration instead of sadness. The brand brings these elements together in an unconventional graphic line.

    A tasteful blend of the old and the new makes this restaurant el mejor place to bring the whole family for a Mexican meal.