Drive more. Own Less. | BOOK BY CADILLAC

  • Drive more. Own Less.

    How to launch Book by Cadillac in Zurich? A new service by Cadillac which you can order cars on demand.

    The definition of luxury is changing. In the past, we had our status symbols parked in front of our houses. Now it’s about what you do, not about what you own anymore. You don't need to own a car, but the experience.

    In other words: “Drive more. Own less." - This is the starting point for the campaign.
    Since there's no rules anymore, we developed 3 motifs for the campaign, showing people in a very contemporary and luxury life style.
  • Imagine that: In the morning you are driving a CTS-V downtown, in the evening you select a Corvette and drive it throw the lake, where you meet your girlfriend for a romantic dinner. Weekend is coming, you plan going to the mountains in a great Escalade.

    Since life has no playbook anymore, we decided to play a bit with the Cadillac brand book, changing it a little bit and developing fresh and contemporary ads with an editorial premium style. Of course, still keeping the client identity.

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  • Making-of
    Agency: Leo Burnett Deutschland, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
    Client: Cadillac - General Motors
    Chief Creative Officer: Andreas Pauli
    Creative Director: Thomas Koch and Benjamin Merkel
    Conception/Idea: Thomas Koch, Bruno Damião, Mario Loncar, Benjamin Merkel and Helge Kniess
    Copywriter: Mario Loncar
    Senior Art Director: Bruno Damião
    Shooting briefing and direction: Thomas Koch, Bruno Damião
    Photography direction: Frederic Schlosser
    Photographer: Frederic Schlosser
    Post Production: Frederic Schlosser