Grower Cosmetics

  • Grower Cosmetics

    Grower Cosmetics is a small local brand of eco-cosmetics. All the products are based on hemp oil and local natural ingredients.

    Project goal.
    To develop a brand identity and package design that reflect core brand values: hemp component, eco-friendliness and local top-quality manufacturing. Package should be able to be manufacture in small batches for marketing purposes.

    All the branding is based on simple principles to ease it's maintenance and further development. Simple grid, typography, primary colors. Materials used in packaging play a major role in branding communication.
    Eco-friendly, recyclable and premium paper as well as silk screen printing both emphasize core brand values and provide an engaging unboxing experience. Gift-box 7-sided shape is unique and reminds the hemp leaf.
    All the packaging is designed to be printed on a single, small sheets of paper which allows it to be manufactured by small typographies.

  • Design & art direction: Yan Zaretsky
    Printing & package manufacturing: Alan Bur
    Photography: Anatoly Vasiliev

    Paper & materials:
    Favini Crush Olive 250 gsm by Favini
    Mohawk Loop Antique Vellum 118 gsm by Mohawk Fine Papers
    Micro-cardboard by Gofrotara na Tsvetochnoy

    Cosi Times by Nikolas Wrobel
    Grtsk Tera by Black Foundry
    PT Sans by Paratype

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