Created: 03/15/10
Last Edited: 12/04/12
This was an art direction job I did for the Dallas Ad League celebrating 100 years in existence. The book was produced into a fully interactive e-book and hopefully will find later life as a coffee table book. The underlying concept is OLD TO NEW.
  • Dallas
    Ad League
    An e-book celebrating 100 years in exhistance

  • I was privileged to design the Dallas Ad League's  E-Book celebrating 100 years in existence. I was responsible for the Creative Direction of the project as well as the logo, layout and overall production of the book. The initial idea was to design a coffee table book but funds fell through and the project needed to evolve into an e-book.  The underlying theme for the layout and look and feel of the project was OLD TO NEW. As you progress through the book you will notice the book pages become lighter and the lines more refined. Enjoy!

  • The Mark
  • The layout
  • The Dallas Advertising League - www.thehistoryofdallasadvertising.com

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