100 servings

  • 100 Servings of Experimental Design is a book that focuses on experimental composition. The images are based on a Nesquik label and split into five chapters, each having its own parameters.
  • Chapter one is the most basic but most true to the label. The square-cut text elements and rounded images lay on a horizontal/vertical grid and are only altered through rotation and scale.
  • In chapter two, all of the text elements are converted to Helvetica in either 8 or 128 pt, and are limited to a black and white palette.
  • In chapter three the text is converted to a Blackletter font. Color and a diagonal grid are also used.
  • Chapter four uses a circular grid while the text is converted to various display fonts.
  • Chapter five is an exploration of the merging of image and type. Color is further explored and horizontal/vertical, diagonal and circular grids are used.