• the pantone promotion
    promotion of pantone colors via poster design
    *school project
  • problem /
    The objective of this project was to create three posters to promote pantone colors. Using only 3-4 pantone colors of our choice we were asked to create a series of posters that promoted pantone as a company as well as expressed the palettes.

    solution /
    I started this assignment by first selecting the concept for the three posters. Finding things, objects, stories based on three was the first way I came to this solution. Posters based on well known child-hood fables, most notably that come to my mind are: the three little pigs, little red riding hood and goldilocks and the three bears. This project began with a sense of innocence that quickly took a down-turn after I discovered the true fables, not the Disney versions that I thought I knew. To emphasize this surprise of story I chose the most gruesome or deceptive moments to illustrate and express the palette.