• the educational candle
    united colors of benetton promotional candle line
    *school project
  • problem /
    The objective of this packaging project was to chose an existing fashion label and produce a candle line that not only exemplified the brand but also supported a social cause.

    solution /
    United Colors of Benetton, specifically the Benetton Group, has always been synonymous with social cause and awareness, most notably through their magazine, Colors. This candle line was developed to promote and raise awareness of education for underprivileged youth. The use of custom mixed chalkboard paint with hand-drawn chalk patterns emphasizes the educational tone while remaining true to the brand aesthetic through the use of bright colors and geometric pattern. The candle line is meant to be interactive and participatory long after the candles have burnt out. The tea lights are mathematical, the large candles are erasable and the gift box gives you the tools to create, imagine and explore.